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Bangkok Seaview Restaurant

Bangkok Seaview Restaurant… here is a name that really triggered my curiosity while in Bangkok. Until today I really thought one would have to travel hundreds of kilometres to get great seafood while gazing leisurely at the ocean, like going to Hua Hin. So when Faa said let’s go to Bangkok Seaview restaurant, I knew it was going to be or a long ride out, or city restaurant with just a fancy name, maybe a riverside one if I was really lucky.


To my surprise, we just drove out of town on the highway then of a beautiful countryside road for about 30 km when the first signs pointing at the restaurant started to appear. In fact, both sides of the road were flourishing with seafood restaurants of all sizes and the area definitely had a seaside feel to it.

Of course, we did our homework thoroughly and when we reached the restaurant parking, which was full of Porsche and Lamborghinis, we knew we had to embark on a longtail boat for a short and fun ride out of the Khlong (canal) until we reach the seaside. A round ticket costs 50 Baht and lasts about 20 minutes.


When we reached the place, we didn’t have any particular expectations. After all, we went to so many seafood restaurants in Phuket and around Thailand, it’s getting hard to impress us. But this time, we were! The place is unique, unreal and so out of nowhere it is a real gem. It reminds you that Thailand always has something more to surprise you.


The restaurant is built on very long wooden platforms standing high above the sea on a forest of bamboo poles. Thousands of bamboos, some even appear to be broken! And we are not talking about a tiny shack but a multi rooms restaurant able to accommodate hundreds of guests. You can’t help wondering how safe this is when stepping out of the boat and up the ramp. But soon these thoughts make the place to simple amazement.


The staff will walk you to a free table placed on a mat on the floor, and the next thing we noticed is how incredibly popular the restaurant is, especially considering the number of restaurants easier to access we saw on the way… it’s packed! Bangkok Seaview Restaurant is famous for its crab, so we had to order some, even though we usually don’t order mud crab often, less sweet and harder to eat than the famous blue crab. But once we tried it, we understood why the place was famous for it, it was simply delicious. All the dishes were great: we had fried rice with crab, giant prawns, a whole fish but the highlight was without a doubt the huge black crabs. Just remember to bring lots of cash, prices are higher than normal, seafood is also a lot bigger than usual, and they don’t take credit cards.


But above all, I couldn’t stop looking around at the fantastic setting so unexpected near Bangkok and once the sun disappeared behind the hills, the sky treated us with some beautiful colours.

Once you reach the end of your meal, you’ll notice someone walking around with an announcement in Thai that says “10% discount if you take the next shuttle boat back!”, smart move to clear some of the tables right on time for the next arriving guests. Another fun anecdote related to the newly rebuilt toilets. A sign hanging at the toilet was saying ‘Post a photo of these toilet on your Facebook wall and get a 500 baht discount!’, which probably means that previous toilets must have been pretty horrible!


The ride back in the night was very relaxing and we both agreed that the experience and food were simply fantastic.

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