Bangkok Chinatown – A walk around Yaowarat Road

Bangkok Chinatown

Bangkok Chinatown [toc] Bangkok Chinatown and Yaowarat Road are one of the oldest Chinese communities in Thailand and always an attraction ranking high on any traveller's list of things to see in Bangkok. And it should! Yaowarat, Sampeng Lane and all the small shopping streets around are buzzing with activity by day and night. It's a gigantic market made of tiny shops packed again each other for almost a kilometre

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Old Siam Plaza in Bangkok

Old Siam Plaza

Old Siam Plaza Old Siam Plaza is a hidden treasure of Thai culture in Bangkok. It is one of those places people just consider old and outdated but is about to become a living museum. The whole area surrounding Old Siam is also a window on the past with its old movie theatre and Art Deco buildings. Old Siam is divided into two main atriums and three floors. One area

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