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Daimasu Izakaya Restaurant Bangkok

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Izakaya Restaurant in Silom

Feel like going to Tokyo for an evening but cannot afford a flight ticket? No worries, Daimasu is a great alternative! In the heart of Bangkok, you can immerse yourself in the casual fun of a real ‘Izakaya’, those tiny restaurants tucked against each other often near train stations in Japan. These small venues specialize in serving grilled food, snacks and drinks to office workers after work. A very famous area in Tokyo called Shimbashi is full of these really small places and the atmosphere is always lively and cheerful. Daimasu Japanese Izakaya transports you to Shimbashi without having to leave Bangkok.

Daimasu Bangkok is located in the tiny Soi Than Twan off Surawong road and it doesn’t appear to be much different from its neighbouring Japanese restaurants. As a matter of fact, the whole Silom and Surawong areas abound with Japanese restaurants including some famous ones. In this case, we were attractive by the design and the atmosphere of the place, nothing fancy but a calculated simplicity with tables and stools made of bottle crates and old Japanese toys and signs hanging to the walls, the way a young shop would look like over there.

The ground floor is an open space with four of these tables plus the cooking and bar counter. Upstairs is cosier with six of the typical small cubicles often found in Japan. The menu was very large, nicely illustrated and in English, Thai, Japanese and even Romaji, the phonetic version of Japanese which helped me a lot. Daimasu is primarily a Yakiniku, a barbecue restaurant, so we picked all our favourite Japanese imported beef and pork meats, Kuro Buta (black pig), but the choice of fish and seafood is also impressive so everyone can enjoy. If you are more daring, get a full selection of what they call ‘Hormon Yaki’ liver, heart stomach, tongue and other more challenging bits.

Don’t miss the large choice of unusual cocktails and typical Japanese drinks, many I haven’t seen before such as the ‘High Balls’ a mix of Suntory whisky with soda and some fruit syrup, or its Thai version the ‘Golden M High’: Suntory whisky with M150 (energy drink) and soda 170 Baht.

Two fun facts: 1) There are some square pieces of bubble wrap on each table for guest to play with… and it’s not because service is slow since we didn’t have to wait. 2) If you order Edamame, you know those delicious salty boiled green peas, they will give you a plastic glove and the game is to see how much you can grab in a single handful! I failed miserably so I didn’t make it to the hall of fame! (Best score ever was half a kilo… they didn’t even tell me my score, but the waitress looked at the sky when she saw my poor performance…)

Food and atmosphere were great, the staff and manager very friendly and we had a good time looking at the old toys and classic cartoon characters from another Japanese era. Great time πŸ™‚

Daimasu Izakaya Info

Location: Silom
: Soi Than Twan, off Surawong Road ( the tiny soi almost opposite ‘the Tawana Hotel’
: for lunch : 11:30 – 14:00, for dinner: Monday – Friday 6 pm – 11 pm, Saturday – Sunday 6 pm to 10 pm
Tel: 02-634-1477

Note that you can use the Tawana hotel parking if you dine at Daimasu, just ask the restaurant to stamp your ticket for free parking.

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