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Jesada Technik Museum in Nakhon Pathom

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An amazing car museum

Jesada Car Museum (Jesada Technik Museum) is in Nakhon Pathom, a bit far from Bangkok but if you are a classic car lover, it’s really worth the trip. The museum is privately own by Jesada Deshsakulrith a successful Thai business person who is a classic car lover. The museum shelters some five hundred beautifully restored vehicles and the entrance is free!

Jesada Technik Museum

My curiosity was triggered when I found online a photo of the famous DMC De Lorean from the blockbuster ‘Back to the Future’. I had to see it by myself.

The museum was a lot bigger than I anticipated, featuring many old French, German and American cars, but the pride of Khun Jesada Deshsakulrith are these tiny cute looking Messerschmidt KR-200 and BMW Isetta 250 bubble cars from the fifties. You will find them proudly lined up in mint condition at the gate of the museum, as fresh as new!

Looking at the old French Citroen Pallas DS 23 brought back a lot of fun memories as my father took us all around France in one of these.

You will find there a good collection of motorcycles and Vespas, including some funny looking ones I never saw before. And if you too love old cars, you won’t regret the trip.

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Jesada Technik Museum Info

Location: Nakhon Pathom
Address: 100, Moo 2, Ngewrai Sub-district, Nakornchaisi District, Nakorn Patom, 73120
Open: 9 am – 5 pm, closed on Monday
Phone: 034 339 468
Price: Free

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