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Or Tor Kor Market near Chatuchak

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Or Tor Kor Market

‘Or Tor Kor Market’ is a unique fresh market you should visit if you happen to visit the famous Chatuchak Market, which is just across the road. Or Tor Kor is not your everyday local market and it’s not so much about how nice, clean and well organized the place is, but about the very high quality of the products sold here. Only the top ingredients can be found here, from an incredible range of beautiful fruits, extremely fresh vegetables, meats and seafood. Or Tor Kor market has even been ranked the 4th best fresh market in the world by CNNGo.

If you are not familiar with Thai food you might just think that this is an expensive market and you certainly can find mangoes at half the price in the village market. Now try some and you will start getting a clue. My favourite is always the fruit area which occupies the largest area of this covered market. It is obvious how shop owners take great pride in their fruits, spending a good deal of time arranging them in a nice and attractive way. Fruits are always spotless and often oversized, attached to a leafy branch indicating how fresh they are. The vendors frequently encourage you to taste some of their product. They know that if you try, you probably will succumb to the unusually good or delicate taste of their fruit. And if you are a Durian lover, you will find your heaven here. Surprisingly you will walk by the durian display and barely notice any smell.

Another of our favourite is the cooked food alley, full of beautifully crafted and prepared dishes, dried, fried or steamed products, Thai snack and sweets, some of which can be unusual or even hard to find in other places, like this Nam Prik Mun Poo Kai Khem (Crab roe mixed with salted egg yolk dip) I love so much.

If exploring Or Tor Kor Market leaves you hungry, don’t miss the small restaurant in the back called Soo Jai Kai Yang, specializing in Issan food and serving fried chicken or pork, not to mention a som tam as good as you would expect it to be in a restaurant near Or Tor Kor. As often the restaurant is not sophisticated but if you start looking at the photos of celebrities hanging on the wall, you’ll know this place is special.

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Or Tor Kor Market Info

Location: opposite Chatuchak Weekend Market
: 101 Kamphaeng Phet Rd, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900
: 8 am – 6 pm
Phone: 02 279 2080
MRT: Kamphaeng Phet

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