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The Best Sushi Restaurant in Bangkok

Sushi Masato is Bangkok’s most exclusive address, and even more since the restaurant received a prestigious Michelin Star. This Japanese restaurant can only accommodate ten guests and is booked more than three months in advance, unless you are lucky enough to catch a cancelled booking, which is how we got our seats, twice. Before moving to Bangkok, Chef Masato worked in New York in a Michelin star restaurant called 15 East Restaurant.

Sushi Masato is pushing this sense of super exclusive and almost mysterious feeling to the extreme. Once the big day arrives and you are on your way to the restaurant you better have your phone and google maps to get you there. The restaurant is tucked in an alley off a street which itself is off Sukhumvit road. The alley is quite dark and the restaurant has no sign, only an anonymous door. If you know Japan, the 2 little saucers filled with salt is a hint that this is a Japanese restaurant, but since there are so many it could be any restaurant. Second hint: a tiny light says ‘sushi’.

Inside is only a counter for 10 and 2 side tables where the guests of the next round can wait. Once our turn arrives, the chef and his 2 assistants, all Japanese, ask if you have any allergies or if there is anything you dislike. I was tempted to ‘say ‘Fish’ as a joke but I kept my joke to myself.

All guests were very well aware of how unique this experience was going to be so the atmosphere was serious and people were silent in an almost religious way. We had several experiences at Sushi Ichi at Erawan Hotel and over there too you had that untold feeling that sushi chefs take their trade so seriously there was no room for a little talk. You are here to focus all your senses on the subtlety of the taste of each piece.

But we were wrong, soon the chef himself started to answer the guests’ questions in a casual way and in good English, with that Japanese accent you hear in movies. As expected the fish is flown daily from the famous Tsukiji market in Tokyo so the omakase menu (4,000 Baht for the normal menu, 6,000 for premium) is never really twice the same.

Listing here the superb sushi we had would be difficult but you can probably get the idea from the photos. We had several pieces of different parts of tuna and some other delicate white fishes, sea eel, sea urchin, and the famous shell the chef must slam very hard on his counter for the flesh to contract and create a crunchy texture. Describing in words what makes each sushi so delicate and special can only be experienced.

As dinner went on and sake was poured, the atmosphere became lively and fun, everyone was, of course, taking tons of photos of each sushi like it was a piece of art, and everyone was obviously thinking of themselves as food connoisseurs and post it all over social media. (probably a reason for the success of this hidden restaurant).

After many sushi, the omakase menu is over but feel free to order a few more if you are still hungry. Of course, extra pieces will be charged accordingly. Dining as sushi Masato is definitely a great experience if you know sushi enough. At this price, this is absolutely not a dinner for beginners. Since Sushi Ichi and sushi Masato are very similar in many ways, we asked ourselves which would we like most and which would we recommend to our friends, and without a doubt, the winner is Sushi Masato.

Sushi Masato photos

Sushi Masato Info

Address: 3/22 Soi Sawasdee 1, Sukhumvit31
Phone: +66 2 040 0015
Open: 5:30 pm – 10 pm
Price: Omakase 4,000 baht for normal menu, 6,000 baht for premium (recommended)
Reservation: up to 2-month waiting list

4.4/5 - (35 votes)

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